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BACC Foundation is an alliance and platform for talented people who want to collaborate and infuse their expressive art with pleasure and purpose. This worldwide cooperative spirit is knitted together with the string of technology.
- Enjoy the confluence of past and present at our Moving Image Matinee. Here we practice the fine art of what we call “techno-blending”. From near and far, people share their collaborative virtuosity and give others on demand performances with the touch of a button. Send your submissions - in whatever way you build, print, screen and layer with video, sound and other methods of communication via computers. With the widening of technological opportunities, we open the gates to all forms of inspired expression. invites you to JOIN US
in mutuality. -


The Shale Account (2017):


Dr. Susan Gurnee, Anna von Auersperg, and Bear Brown, with a cast of co-collaborators have designed audio presentations to address Universal themes for worldwide audiences. To entertain and educate, these pieces demonstrate the complexities of mutuality that occur in daily life. The ongoing audio series, called The Shale Account offers insightful resolutions in a style that is reminiscent of vintage radio theatre.

Follow this link to hear a taste of
an excerpted script from The Shale Account (2017).




Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Sustained Joy


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

 Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Emotional Maturity

The Voice of Intelligence Within


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

 Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Friendship Threads


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

 Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Reclaiming Cooperation


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

The Shale Account (2016):


 Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Light of Unity


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

 Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:
Twenty-Eight Pearls
from Wisdom Moon


AN EXCERPT - click here ...

Sue Gurnee and Team's Audio Theatre:

AN EXCERPT - click here ...




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